Bryson Hall Obituary: In loving memory of Garnet Valley High School, Bryson Hall

Bryson Hall Obituary – Cause of Death: In loving memory of Garnet Valley High School, Bryson Hall.

The Garnet Valley High School community mourns the sudden death of 12th grade student Bryson Hall.

Garnet Valley High School statement.

Dear GVHS Community,

It is with the heaviest heart that I inform you of the sudden passing of GVHS 12th grade student Bryson Hall. Bryson was a student-athlete at the high school and was well liked amongst his peers and within the school community. He was a kind, caring, and friendly student, who excelled in the classroom as well as the athletic arena. There are no words that can adequately describe the loss of Bryson within our school community, and our hearts are broken with his passing.

With sorrow, I ask everyone to please join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Without a doubt, our entire community will need to unite to help each other during these difficult times. As each of us attempts to make sense of Bryson’s passing, we will need each other’s support, empathy, and understanding.

For those who may need greater assistance or support processing this tragic loss, we will have our school counselors and psychologists on hand tomorrow, as well as the upcoming days and weeks. If you, or someone you know needs assistance, please inform a trusted adult immediately. Together, we will remember Bryson, celebrate his life, and support each other moving forward.

With sadness and condolences, Mr. Brandt.






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