Forrest Lewis Missing, Former Durant Resident Declared Missing, Has He Been Found?

Forrest Lewis, a former resident of Durant, has been missing since last week, and police in Little Elm, Texas, are looking for him.

Lewis was last seen on Bonanza Street in Aubrey, Texas, at 9:22 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, according to family members.

Lewis was said to have been wearing a brown long sleeve shirt, gray sweatpants, and Nike shoes on the day of his disappearance.

Lewis’ girlfriend called Lewis’ sister on Thursday to let her know that Lewis had left the house after a Thanksgiving dinner party in his black 2015 Mercedes GLK with the license plate PZJ5080, and she had no idea where he was heading.

Lewis’ fiancée didn’t reply, so on Friday she reported him missing to the Little Elm police.

Lewis’ aunt Lakendra Ibarra remarked, “We’re looking.” “We are wishing for his safe return home and our ability to track him down. We only need him to come home. We must know his location.”

Police in Little Elm stated that they are still conducting an investigation. Calling the Little Elm police at 214-975-0460 is the best way to contact anyone with information about Forrest Lewis.







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