Hallie Phillips Jefferson City MO Obituary – Death: MU student dies in ‘accidental’ shooting

A 20-year-old Wardsville lady was shot on Sunday in a “accidental” shooting; she later passed away. According to court records, Hallie Phillips passed away on Tuesday about 3 p.m. from her wounds. Phillips was enrolled at MU.

Around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, deputies responded to 9014 Century Farms Road. According to the Cole County Sheriff’s Office, Phillips was allegedly inadvertently shot during a 911 call. Joshua Wilbers, her 23-year-old lover, shot her while holding a gun, according to the inquiry.

According to court filings, when deputies arrived on the scene, Phillips was unconscious and lying on the ground. Phillips was then flown to University Hospital in a helicopter.

Wilbers claimed he recently bought a.22 rifle and planned to go outdoors to shoot it in a post-Miranda interview. The bolt action gun’s magazine was taken out, and the bolt was cycled back “at least twice” to make sure there was no ammunition in the chamber, according to what the man told deputies Phillips asked him about the firing pin.

According to court documents, Wilbers claimed that he pressed the trigger after gazing down at the revolver and it fired, striking Phillips in the face. He was roughly 6 feet away from Phillips, according to the note.

According to court filings, he also admitted to picking Phillips up and carrying her outside to a car with the intention of taking her to the hospital before deciding to dial 911 instead. He admitted that he was worried he wouldn’t arrive at the hospital in time.

Wilbers was taken to the Cole County Jail after his arrest without incident on Tuesday night. He was detained and processed without posting bond for the felony of involuntary manslaughter.

According to court filings, blood found at the site and on home surveillance footage corroborated Wilbers’ claims.

Sheriff John Wheeler stated that the Cole County prosecutor has received the charges.







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