Andrew Dawson Desaparecido, Andy Kapt of Canada Tiktoker Mysterious Death

Millions of users use TikTok to share some of their most memorable moments or just to create interesting material in order to get followers; nevertheless, a case provided by this platform that is full of mystery and contradictions has recently garnered a lot of attention.

This is the tale of Andrew Dawson, also known as @andykapkt on the social media platform, who gained notoriety by sharing a number of movies that scared Internet people all over the world. The man initially posted pictures of his family, friends, coworkers, and even his cat, but all changed after he noticed something odd.

He posted a video clip on April 9, 2022, claiming to have captured a gigantic at the summit of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. As was to be predicted, he became well-known after obtaining millions of views from both believers and skeptics.

Andrew Dawson continued with the inquiries after seeing a giant

Because of all the media attention, Andrew was inspired to look into the strange sighting further. A few days after posting the initial footage, he updated his followers, saying that after speaking with some locals, he had learned that seeing these enormous human forms was actually fairly common in the area.

The tiktoker was so ecstatic that he even searched for someone with a helicopter to take him to the peak of the mountain to learn the truth about this peculiar instance. However, and here is where the biggest mystery starts, he claimed in another video that he had been stopped by a particular type of CIA agent when attempting to travel there by automobile.

He caught other strange sightings in the sky and was allegedly reprimanded by the CIA

Finally, what set off the alarms is that just a couple of days after publishing the images of the helicopters working in the area, the same car that frustrated his entry into the mountain was watching him from outside his house. After sharing this on TikTok , he disappeared for a few weeks.

Andrew Dawson explained that all the videos were fake

His absence on the social network, after being quite active and receiving thousands of followers, caused rumors to be made that he had been disappeared for revealing highly confidential information through his videos, but it was Andrew himself who clarified the whole matter. .

Hey guys, just wanted to update you, I’m not dead or missing, just been busy with life. I have not been able to post anything, so now I am giving you information and I apologize for disappointing you, but everything is false, it was simply entertainment, sorry for messing you up , ”He expressed in a clip uploaded in May.

Far from calming everyone’s doubts, these statements further increased concern, as there are those who say that the man looks worried and that it also seems as if someone behind the camera is forcing him to declare all these words, it is even possible to witness who looks nervously out of the corner of his eye towards some unknown point.

Andrew Dawson is found dead

On July 1, 2022, the Canadian media reported the death of Andrew Dawson, what further added to the whole mystery were the last two videos uploaded from his TikTok account, in one he expressed that he could not be forced to remain silent and that he feared for his life , in addition to returning to the topic of viral videos, saying that they were actually true. In the other, you can simply see a structure that is foreign to the mountain in which he originally saw the supposed giant.

The causes of his death are not known to date and the only information available regarding what could have taken the life of the man who was only interested in discovering what was behind a strange sighting, was revealed by his own wife a few weeks after.

What was it that ended the life of Andrew Dawson?

After social networks were filled with speculation about whether the news of his death was actually true or just another episode to add intrigue to the whole case, Dawson’s friends and family shared evidence that he had indeed died. .

Even most of Andrew’s faithful followers began to harass his ex-wife on TikTok, but she remained silent for a long time, as she assured that living through a couple’s grief was horrible and difficult, until one day she left understand that it was he himself who took his own life.

“ The cause of his death has nothing to do with the tiktoks he made I don’t even know how I’m talking about this but I wanted you to know. Andrew suffered many, many years of depression and I don’t know why he believed that this was his only way out of this world, he had so many beautiful things happening in his life and he just had to end up like this,” he stated. .

So, this is the last that is known about the case and to date his videos have not been deleted from the TikTok platform , as some say that since it is under the jurisdiction of the United States, if Andrew actually revealed something highly secret, the US authorities do not have the power to erase the evidence.







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