Coconut Challenge TikTok: What is the viral TikTok challenge about?, Explore Viral Videos

Despite the name, the task has more to do with spelling than it does with the food.

According to Know Your Meme, it first appeared in 2019, but it has since made a comeback after Cardi B addressed it on her TikTok in 2023.

She criticized Megan Thee Stallion for saying she would take on the challenge in the video.

In essence, the trend is a suggestion to women on how to make their male partner happier when they are winning.

It entails writing the word “coconut” with their hips while making numerous circular and backward and forward motions.

The Killimani Mums Usaku Zone KMUZ Facebook group in Kenya announced the first challenge there in July 2019. When she was on top of her lover, one woman posted in the forum seeking for guidance.

Following multiple responses from ladies who used their waists to spell out the word “coconut,” this started the craze.






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