Fatal Hardy County, West Virginia Car Accident Involving JMU Students

On Thursday night, a devastating West Virginia car accident claimed the lives of three James Madison University (JMU) students, and two more were seriously injured, the university reported on Friday, February 3.

The southbound automobile struck a tree, resulting in a single-vehicle accident on Route 259 close to the West Virginia/Virginia border. According to reports, three of the five 19-year-old men involved perished at the site, while two more were taken by medical helicopter to the hospital in critical condition.

According to JMU, as of Friday, the patients who were sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries were still there.

“The university is currently working to confirm details with local authorities and the families of the students,” JMU said in a letter to the university from the desk of Tim Miller, vice president for student affairs. “Families of the students have been notified of the accident and the university is working to provide additional support.”

The university says updates will be shared as information becomes available.

“It is extremely difficult to process and understand unexplainable incidents such as this,” the university wrote. “Please know we are here to support you and ask each of you to lean on one another.”






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