Andrew Robinson of Andover Shot Wife and Son to Death Before Committing Suicide

Andrew Robinson of Andover kill his wife Linda Robinson, 55, and their 12-year-old son Sebastian, he allegedly shot them to death before committing suicide at their $2M Massachusetts mansion.

Police in Massachusetts received a spooky call from inside the home with a voice in the background shouting, “Kill me now,” and they discovered a couple and their son dead in what is considered to be a murder-suicide.

Investigators believe that at 3 a.m. on Thursday, Andrew Robinson, 56, murdered his wife Linda Robinson, 55, and their 12-year-old son Sebastian before killing himself in their $2 million mansion.

An individual was heard screaming and objects were being broken in the background of the 911 call, the operator informed the cops as they arrived at the residence at 48 Porter Road.

According to The Boston Globe, the caller’s identity is unknown, but the dispatcher said there was no answer.

As officers forced their way inside, the Robinsons’ house alarm woke up the adjacent neighbors.

According to Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe, “They had to breach two doors to get inside the house.” “They entered the home.” They discovered the 12-year-old son, mother, and father dead.

“Gunshot wounds caused the injuries.” We already know how, but we’re now attempting to understand why.

With a clear view of the Robinsons’ residence, Janean and Andy Sullivan, 42 and 44, observed as police entered the house using flashlights.

We weren’t sure if there was a break-in, but Janean told the news source, “I just knew something awful happened.”

The family was referred to as “private,” and Chief Keefe also stated that there had been no prior reports from the residence.

The four-bedroom home’s most recent sale, according to Redfin records, was for $1,338,000 in 2003. According to Zillow, the property’s value has risen by more than $2 million since then.

Aerial footage of the house revealed a playground with a slide for kids and a basketball hoop in front of the garage.

Sebastian was recognized as a student at St. John’s Preparatory School in the sixth grade. On Thursday, officials announced his passing and all students’ classes were canceled.

At a press conference held at the school, St. John’s Headmaster Edward Hardiman stated, “Our community is grieved by the awful loss of Sebastian.” Sebastian was a beautiful kid. He was adored by his teachers and had a sweet and kind demeanor. exceptionally inventive.

“He was just a really nice kid with a great nature,” continued Hardiman.

According to the news source, Andrew was employed at Channel Building Co. until he left six months ago.

It is unknown what Linda did to cause her death, but a former neighbor of hers described the times they shared as children.

The neighbor added, “I’m dumbfounded; I grew up next door to Linda and occasionally sneaked into her yard to play, and it kills me to know that her and her son’s life were gone so suddenly.”







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