Fred Tate Obituary: Who is Fred Tate? NCIS Season 20 Dedicated to Him

NCIS has grown over the years to be one of the most watched and profitable television programs, drawing in millions of people each week and receiving praise from critics for its intriguing plots, vibrant cast, and masterfully produced mysteries.

Despite being on for a long time, the show is still popular with viewers, frequently placing among the highest-rated dramas on television, and continuing to be a fan favorite. Each week, devoted viewers tune in to watch the newest installment of CBS’s popular series with a cast that has grown to resemble family, which is appropriate given that the show’s cast and crew are frequently referred to as having a close-knit family as well.

Fred Tate, a veteran member of the NCIS family who was honored in the thirteenth episode of season 20 that aired on February 7, passed away lately, which is a sad loss for the NCIS family.

Die-hard fans will probably remember Fred Tate’s name, but many others have discovered themselves curious to learn more about the various people the show honored in episode 13. So what precisely does Fred Tate have to do with the program?

NCIS Fred Tate tribute details

“In honor of Fred Tate, a friend and coworker. Following the thirteenth episode of NCIS season 20, “Evil Eye,” a memorial to Fred Tate was broadcast, with the words, “We shall miss you. Tate lost his fight with cancer and pneumonia on December 7, according to a Facebook post.

The memorial was created as a way to pay respect to the late actor who had a lengthy association with the program. Tate had been a part of the program since the first season and had worked on it for 19 seasons as a stand-in for David McCallum’s Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. Tate filled in for McCallum during shoots, rehearsals, camera blocking, and lighting setups.

In addition to serving as a stand-in for the show, Tate also made an appearance as Charles Harlow in season 4, episode 14, “Blowback.” He published a few works, including The Warren, as an author as well.

We express our sympathies to the whole NCIS team and our hearts go out to Tate’s family and friends during this difficult time.







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