The Pros and Cons of Playing Casino Games on Social Media

There are options for gamblers to try casino games for free on social platforms. That is, many social media channels offer casino games for their members. There are several reasons why casino games make appearances on social media. In the following sections, we see what attracts people to try casino games on social media. Besides benefits such as high roller casino bonus codes, there are other aspects to discover as well.

Why Are Casino Games on Social Media?

There are several reasons why we find casino games on social media:

  • Software brands launch casino games through social media channels; that is, whenever they have a new title released it is shown on social media platforms.
  • Many developers promote the games they develop through such platforms.
  • Casinos depend on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Telegraph to promote the launch of new games.

Advantages of Playing Casino Games on Social Media

There are several advantages for players who try casino games on social media:

  • Games Are Free of Cost

Those who try casino games on Facebook or Instagram will get to try all features of the games. For instance, when a slot games developer launches a new title. They offer free gaming for a limited time frame. Also, they provide links to try the game on such platforms. It helps advertise the games for free. Also, it helps build followership for the games. Those who want to know the features of the games can try them for free on social media platforms. After that, if players want to wager on these games then they can log onto different casino sites.

  • Play with Others

There is a social aspect to casino games on social media. That is, players get to try casino games with their friends. Indeed, there are social casino sites that promote such gaming as well. And they all start from social media platforms. That is, members of a social media site can invite their friends to try a game. They can also schedule and play game sessions together. In this way, customers get to play real-time and interactive games with their friends.

  • Follow and Share Games of Different Casino Brands

It is another aspect that makes casino games popular on social media. Whenever you like a game on a channel such as Facebook, you can like the same. Also, you can share the game with your comments with your friends. In this way, more people get to know about a game. Many games are launched with attractive bonuses. Hence, members of a social media channel can try the games with the bonuses. Also, if they refer others they as well as their friends get attractive discounts to gamble on these games.

Limitations of Casino Games on Social Media

  • No Money Wagering

Many gamblers like to see their wins for real. For that reason, casino sites are popular. Today most sites are licensed and allow customers to make deposits and withdrawals. These happen via safe, secure payment gateways. However, such a setup is not present on social media channels. They act as platforms for advertising casino games. Hence, customers can try these games in free mode mostly. When it comes to playing the games for real money, customers need to sign up at linked casino websites.

  • No Wins or Cash Backs

While most money wagers at casinos include losses, often there are perks as well. For instance, customers can get cash back for their losses at many casino sites. Also, they can seek bonuses for the deposits they make. Hence, in such ways, there is more money to wager on games at casino sites. Also, customers can get withdrawals after a certain amount of wins. All such aspects make gambling attractive for gamblers at casino sites. However, social media sites usually include only social games, usually without money wagering.

  • Limited Technology

Social media sites are not specialized gaming platforms. They harness HTML technology mostly for providing access to casino games to their members. However, live studio table games are not available on social media sites. For such reasons, mostly slot games are popular on such platforms. They are easy to try on the go. Also, most sites redirect to casino platforms to run these games.

  • Limited Security

Casino domains are built with greater security for gamblers and their accounts. Customers can save their account and payment details with greater security on such sites. Social media platforms, on the other hand, are more for sharing information. Hence such sites can only promote general games. Also, they keep game sessions limited and free mostly.


Casino sites offer many choices to gamblers. However, those who want to try new casino games, and share them with friends, can do so on social media. Many game developers also promote or launch new titles of their games on such platforms first.







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