7 Best Celebrity-Owned CBD Lines

Marijuana is among the top industries that are growing exponentially. Famous people are launching celebrity CBD brands to get a share of the flourishing business. 

Some superstars use weed from very high THC seeds to make products with euphoric and relaxing effects.

Are you wondering which celebrities have CBD lines? Keep scrolling to discover seven cannabis businesses owned by world superstars.

Celebrities in the Cannabis Industry

Various renowned individuals have helped push for the legalization of marijuana. Some states have decriminalized the herb, creating a favorable environment for the growth of cannabis businesses. 

Celebrities, from musicians to athletes, are investing in this industry by advocating for marijuana and selling its products. Movies and TV shows, like Udaariyan’s latest episode, feature scenes where characters use cannabis. 

Let’s look at some superstars who’ve launched CBD brands.

1. Happy Dance: Kristen Bell 


Actress Kristen Bell has created one of the fastest-growing CBD companies. The star admitted to using recreational marijuana but later switched to cannabidiol products. 


Bell’s hairstylist recommended she try CBD products from the Lord Jones brand. The star used a tincture, and the effects amazed her.


She contacted Lord Jones and pitched the idea of creating a line of affordable CBD products. The partnership led her to launch Happy Dance. 


Bell’s CBD brand provides skincare products such as eye and hand cream, face moisturizer, and coconut melt. The company also offers bath bombs and body butter. 


Happy Dance CBD products are eye-catching in shiny, fun, and bright-colored containers. 


2. Monogram: Jay-Z


Shawn Corey Carter, AKA Jay-Z, is a famous rapper and entrepreneur who’s graced the music industry for decades. He debuted in the cannabis business in 2020 after launching his celebrity CBD brand, Monogram, in California. 


The rapper started working as the chief brand strategist for Caliva, a California-based cannabis store, in July 2019. He later partnered with them to launch Monogram. 


The Parent Company acquired Jay-Z’s cannabis brand and promoted him to its chief visionary officer position. Monogram provides herb lovers with high-end marijuana products that are uniquely processed and packaged. 


The brand uses numbers to name its strains. Some cultivars include No. 96, No. 70, and No. 01. It further categorizes them into light, medium, and high potency. Consumers can buy pre-roll packs, flowers, or the OG hand roll. 


3. Barker Wellness: Travis Barker


Travis Landon Barker used to hit up to 20 blunts a day before experiencing a serious plane crash. After the accident, the musician discovered cannabidiol products. He started using them to aid in pain relief and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


The lifestyle change to focus on his mental and physical health led him to be more passionate about this herb. After experiencing the reported benefits of cannabis, the musician decided to launch his celebrity CBD company, Barker Wellness. 


The company specializes in producing cannabis-infused and vegan-friendly products for the body and mind. These include pain relief creams, organic CBD gummies, bath soaks, and tinctures. 


4. Blesswell: DJ Khaled


Are you searching for cannabis products specifically for men? Look no further than the Blesswell CBD line. 


Business mogul and award-winning producer DJ Khaled has shaken the marijuana industry by launching a weed brand for the gents. Blesswell’s products include beard oil, face masks, cleansing scrubs, body wash, and shaving creams. 


DJ Khaled created the brand to offer a grooming solution that builds men’s confidence. His company uses US-grown hemp. The products undergo third-party testing and have certifications to display their quality and authenticity. 


5. Game Up Nutrition: Nick and Nate Diaz 


American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, the Diaz brothers, are strong advocates for marijuana legalization. Nate understands the meaning of weed 420, as he once smoked cannabis during an Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC) press conference. 


The brothers’ love for the herb has led them to create a weed brand, Game Up Nutrition. The company provides natural, vegan-friendly CBD products for athletes, pets, and others interested in trying cannabis items. 


Game Up Nutrition categorizes its catalog according to the strain, desired effects, and cannabinoids. It’s one of the few brands that provide cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) products. 


Enjoy CBD celebrity endorsements while shopping for this brand. The Diaz brothers treat customers with an affiliate and loyalty program. 


Game Up Nutrition offers hemp flowers, mushroom tinctures, superfoods, apparel, and accessories. It also provides CBD topicals, edibles, and oil. 


6. Mendi: Rachael Rapinoe 


Former athlete Rachael Rapinoe founded Mendi in 2019 to provide a solution to people with pain, fatigue, and stress. The celebrity retired from sports after suffering from a knee ligament injury. 


She struggled with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and addictive medications, which led her to create Mendi. The Oregon-based brand uses hemp to develop products that reportedly assist with sleep, pain relief, energy, and focus.


They include gummies, oil tinctures, bath salts, and salve sticks. The brand has lifestyle products like travel kits, t-shirts, and insulated bottles. 


7. Martha Stewart CBD: Martha Stewart 


Television personality and businesswoman Martha Stewart has one of the most popular female-owned CBD companies. The celebrity partnered with Canopy Growth to launch her weed brand in September 2020. 


Martha Stewart CBD started by providing consumers with wellness gummies, oil drops, and softgels. The brand later introduced three new skincare products for stress management, sleep, and muscle recovery. 


Stewart’s CBD products come in different flavors. From oil drops with Meyer lemon to tropical gummies infused with pineapple, coconut, and Alphonso mango. The brand has also added oil drops and soft baked chews for dogs. 


Explore the Cannabis World


Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of marijuana? Numerous celebrity weed brands offer cannabis products like topicals and edibles that you can try. 


If you’d like to explore the 420 world further, consider buying weed seeds and growing the herb at home.







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