Well-Known Celebrities Who Played a Part in Some of the Best Roulette Movies

Did you know that roulette is one of the oldest casino games? The origin of roulette is still unknown, and it’s said that roulette inspired popular games such as the Wheel of Fortune and Rota Fortunae. 

Roulette has also inspired many great Hollywood movies with a few familiar faces. Here are five celebrities who played a part in some of the best roulette movies.

Sean Connery

Actor Sean Connery, plays James Bond in the 1971 instalment of the James Bond franchise, Diamonds are Forever. Directed by Guy Hamilton, the movie follows Bond as he investigates a diamond smuggling ring in Las Vegas, which turns out to be plotted by his nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. In a scene at the Whyte House Mansion, Bond bets on the same numbers in each roulette game, attempting to beat all odds. The movie displays Bond’s roulette strategy quite vaguely, which probably piques some viewers’ interest to turn towards the internet to learn more about the game through a European, French or American Roulette Guide online. Connery plays the role so well that he even makes people want to learn about the game. Fans of his will also enjoy some of his other popular titles, such as The Anderson Tapes, The Offence and The Molly Maguires.

Demi Moore

1993’s Indecent Proposal focuses on David and Diana Murphy, an idealistic American couple whose finances are put at risk during a recession. In a final bid to save their dream home, the couple head to Las Vegas, hoping to win money to pay their mortgage. However, after losing everything, billionaire John Gage offers a permanent solution to their money worries: $1 million to sleep with David’s wife, Diana. Demi Moore’s movie star beauty can also be seen in some of the actresses’ other notable roles in movies such as Disclosure and Ghost.

Jeff Goldblum

California Split is a 1974 American comedy-drama starring Jeff Goldblum. The movie opens in Los Angeles, where a friendship develops between Bill Denny and Charlie Waters over their love for gambling. However, as the pair’s friendship grows, casual gambler Charlie delves deeper and deeper into the sleazy world of gambling, where the stakes only get higher. You can see Goldblum in other more notable roles in movies such as Independence Day, Jurassic Park and The Fly.

Franka Potente

Franka Potente plays Lola in the visually impressive 1998 German experimental thriller Run Lola Run. The movie follows Berlin criminal Manni as he delivers some smuggled goods for his boss, Ronnie. However, after he accidentally leaves the payment on the subway, he calls on his girlfriend, Lola, who we see sprinting through the city streets, attempting to raise the money before Manni does something detrimental. Some of Potente’s other famous acting jobs include her role as Marie in The Bourne Identity and Barbara in Blow.

Clive Owen

The 1998 movie, Croupier, sees Clive Owen take on the role of Jack Alfred, an aspiring writer struggling to make ends meet. Upon taking a job as a croupier, he gets sucked into the casino world, which takes a drastic toll on his relationships and his life. However, Jack turns for the worse when gambler Jani asks him to be the inside man at a planned heist. If you want to see Clive Owen in some of his other iconic roles, movies such as Closer, King Arthur and Anon should be on your list.


Whether you’re new to the roulette world or an avid player, these celebrities have been in some of Hollywood’s most popular roulette movies and deserve a spot on the Walk of Fame and once you’ve completed this list, here are other movies you can also add to your watchlist, such as Casablanca, Mississippi Grind and the iconic Ocean’s 13.






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