Tanner Hoang Obituary – Death: Missing Texas A&M Student Found Dead According to his Parent

Tanner Hoang, missing Texas A&M student has been confirmed dead after his body was found on December 24, 2022, in the Pennybacker Bridge area on Loop 360. Circumstances surrounding his cause of death has not been revealed.

Hoang’s mother, Alisa Hoang, and his Father have been very concerned about their son; they posted pictures of him on social media after he went missing.

On graduation day, he disappeared, and his family made a plan for lunch. When Hoang didn’t appear for lunch, they started getting worried.

His Father claimed that he read the text at 8:30 am and did not reply; it was the last text before his phone was switched off.

On the same date, they discovered that his debit card was used to fill up his car’s tank in Caldwell.

His parents and his uncle were very concerned; his uncle mentioned that he was not the kind of guy who would not be present at his graduation. Hoang was always there to help people; he was a helping hand.

The investigation was still going on until December 24, 2022. His body was found and given to his family member.

Tanner Hoang, 22, was from Flower Mound in the Dallas area; he was a mechanical engineering student at Texas A&M University.

He went missing on the day of his graduation ceremony; his parents were present at the program. The investigation was started just after his parents filed the complaint.

Facebook groups were filled with his missing post, and everyone from the University was concerned about his missing report.

Unfortunately, Tanner Hoang was been confirmed dead by his parents. More details coming soon…






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