Pat Briggs Obituary News: Pat Briggs of ‘Pyschotica,’ passes away

Pat Briggs Obituary – Cause of Death: Pat Briggs of ‘Pyschotica,’ passes away.

An online obituary on Friday, December 30, 2022, announced the passing of ‘Psychotica’ founding member, Pat Briggs.

Briggs’ cause of death was not disclosed.

Psychotica are an American industrial band, formed in 1994 by Pat Briggs and Tommy Salmorin with a band consisting of Paul Kostabi, cellist Enrique Tiru Velez, backing vocalist Reeka, and drummer Buz. They have released three albums. Psychotica are best known for their participation in the 1996 Lollapalooza tour which also included Soundgarden, the Ramones, the Screaming Trees and Metallica.

“News of singer Pat Briggs passing is so freaking sad. I had recently reconnected with him and played guitar on two tracks for his upcoming record. He sounded brilliant on it. I hope whoever is handling his affairs makes sure the record gets released,” Steve Stevens wrote in a Facebook post.

In 1998, Psychotica added guitarist Clint Walsh and released Espina. A tour with Jack Off Jill and Switchblade Symphony followed. Shortly after the tour, Briggs moved to Los Angeles. Briggs and Kostabi went in different directions and Psychotica disbanded.

In the summer of 2009, Briggs and Kostabi reunited to begin work on the fourth Psychotica album.

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