Small Business Ideas to Start at University

They say that you become independent when you earn money by yourself. If you are a student and want to find the best way to get an income, this article is for you. 

Small Business Ideas to Start at University 

Most students try to find part-time jobs during their college years. Someone wants to be more independent from their parents; for someone, it is an opportunity to gain additional experience, and someone works because they like it. If you are learning and want to start doing something so you can start making money already, then here are some simple business ideas you can start.


Most of us used a tutor when we were in school or preparing for final exams or admissions. And you can do it too. If you have a subject or a few that you are particularly good at, we can make an announcement, such as posting it on a special board on campus or providing information about which subjects you can help with on our social networks. This work is probably the most popular among students, as there will always be those who do not understand a certain subject, who have missed a few classes and want to catch up. With the right advertising of your abilities, you will always make good money while studying at the university.

Essay writer

Another fairly typical job for students that can make good money is essay writing. Despite the fact that an essay has been an almost integral part of the homework that students receive since high school, many have difficulty completing this assignment. If this is easy for you, then you can try to get a job in one of the writing services. The only recommendation worth giving, in this case, is that you definitely need to find a good and professional service. For example, you can send your CV to The higher the rating of the company you work for is, the more favorable conditions you can expect for yourself. Also, you will not constantly write the same thing. As another solid alternative, you can consider essays by speedy paper.


In life, completely different events can happen, and no one ever knows when they might need to use the car. If a person does not know how to drive, then this can become a real problem. That is why if you have a car, you can become a part-time driver. And you can carry not only passengers if the size of the car allows it, then helping someone move will be a great way to earn money. At the same time, you can always work as an Uber driver or deliver drunk students after parties. And if you are not afraid of animals or, for example, get your car dirty, you can indicate in your ad that you are ready to transport animals. Usually, the price is higher for such transportation. Another opportunity for you is to do deliveries because, with the development of online shopping, couriers are becoming more and more required, especially if they have a car.

Various services

If you know how to fix something, like electrical appliances or bicycles, or maybe you can easily solve a problem with a computer, laptop, or phone; if you are good with pets and are willing to look after them for some time when the owners need to leave or are busy. If you like to clean or make desserts and everyone you know praises you, which turns out to be very cool, you can try to make money on it. Make a small post on your social networks, add a couple of testimonials from those who used your services, and you will surely find a sufficient number of clients, especially if you indicate the price for your services a little lower than in professional agencies.

Photos and videos

Considering that almost everyone now has Instagram or Tik Tok, the skills of even non-professional photographers are at a very high level. If you understand and know how to take a beautiful selfie or shoot a video so that it emphasizes your appearance and is interesting, then you will surely be able to take photos for other people. On holidays and for various events, many are looking for photographers to capture happy moments and events. If you’re good at this, then print some of your most beautiful photos as a portfolio. You can also participate in photoshoots as a model or, for example, act as a model for a hairdresser.

Web design

If in the future you are planning to devote yourself to the field of IT and are already in the process of learning, you are ready to take orders for the creation of simple websites and writing codes using simple programming languages, this will bring you a good income, and besides, this is a great opportunity to get into the field of vision of a potential employer in the future, as they often monitor platforms where freelancers offer their services in search of young talents.

When you finally decide what to do in college to earn money, the only advice we have is “Do it perfectly!”. First of all, it’s good for your income, and second of all, you never know what chances it may give you and which doors it may open for you in the future. 







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