24-year-old Evelyn Guardado Missing Texas Body Remains Found Says Police

One guy has been detained in connection with the continuing investigation since Evelyn Guardado’s disappearance was reported to the Eagle Pass Police Department on February 1.

According to Eagle Pass police, they believe they have located the remains of a missing 24-year-old woman who was last seen a few days ago.

Authorities in Eagle Pass received a missing person complaint for Evelyn Guardado the day after she vanished, on February 1.

Federico Garza, the police chief of Eagle Pass, Texas, told KENS 5 regarding the delayed report, “I know it’s desperate times, but we would like for them to contact the police department so we can be working together.”

Law enforcement officers looking for Guardado discovered the corpses in the town of Quemado in Maverick County’s northern region. The remote area is near to the private prison where Guardado allegedly served as a detention officer.

Using some distinctive identifiers, Eagle Pass police claim that Guardado’s body is “most likely” the one in question. The identity of the remains still needs to be confirmed by the local medical examiner, though. The body that was discovered had wounds, according to Garza.

Since the moment they informed us that she was missing, “we have searched every inch of the city and the county,” he continued.

Guardado’s employee Jesus Vasquez, who was apprehended in Medina County after the remains were discovered, has reportedly been charged with her murder, according to the police.

Garza stated, “We don’t know the precise nature of his contact with her. We need to focus our efforts because there are many rumors.

On January 31, Guardado dropped off a buddy on her way home from work, and it was the last time anyone saw or heard from her, according to authorities.

Later, at an apartment building, her automobile was discovered.

You are advised to call the Eagle Pass Police Department at (830)773-9044 ext. 2053 if you have any information on this case.






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