Katie Smith Car Accident: What Happened to Morgan Wallen’s Ex Katie Smith?

The mother of Morgan Wallen’s 2-year-old boy, who is also his ex-fiancee, was hurt in a car accident that happened in Nashville on Wednesday night (Feb. 22).

On Instagram Stories, Smith informed her followers of the incident and shared images of the collision and its aftermath, which included a facial injury.

The first picture demonstrates how bad the collision was: The shattered car rests in front of a Nashville fire truck, suggesting that the car she was in was totaled in the collision.

Smith expresses gratitude for his life. Indie, her son, does not appear to have been present.

Since the accident, Smith has been unwinding at home with her mother and friends.

Videos from her Instagram page display the full extent of the damage to her face, which includes obvious bruising around her eye and substantial swelling on the right side.






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